1968: the snow of Grenoble turns gold for the first time for a non-Scandinavian cross-country skier. And Franco Nones enters the legend of winter sports.

Born in Val di Fiemme in Italy in 1941, after starting out as a cyclist, Nones dedicated himself to cross-country skiing. He enrolled in the Fiamme Gialle and demonstrated the stuff of champions from the very beginning. His sports career grew: he won the first Italian championship in the relay in 1960, and 15 national titles followed. Then came victories and excellent placings in all the most important classics in Scandinavia. At the Innsbruck Olympics in 1964, he won 5th place in the relay and 10th in the 15 km. In 1966 in Oslo, he won bronze in the relay.

Confident of his tenacity, in 1968 Nones went to the Grenoble Olympics. Nobody bet on an Italian, and all eyes were on the Nordics. But his commitment, determination, and tenacity were rewarded … He was first to cross the finish line of the 30 km and entered the history of cross-country skiing.

In the meantime, thanks to his example, cross-country skiing became a winter sport in Italy, and the Val di Fiemme became one of the ideal places. The first tracks were promoted, and the first important races were born, such as the Marcialonga, which became one of the most important in the world.

Franco was aware that he started a much bigger adventure than his single story, but he maintained the humility of the greats. He married the Swedish Inger Berneholm and continued his commitment tothe sport, creating the Topolino trophy in Val di Fiemme and collaborating for the development of cross-country skiing.

The sporting adventure of Franco Nones is a reflection of the story of a whole life lived with courage in work and in family and in faith. A path that can help young people find meaning and inspiration.

The story develops in the memoirs of Franco Nones himself, his wife Inger, and with the contributions of friends and collaborators such as Umberto Macor, first coach of the Fiamme Gialle, the journalist Giorgio Brusadelli, Father Serafino Tognetti, Roberto Campaci, Pietro De Godenz and Cristian Zorzi.

  • Directed by: LIA & ALBERTO BELTRAMI
  • director of photography: DENIS MOROSIN
  • producer: ANDREA MORGHEN
  • with the collaboration of the Fiamme Gialle Sports  Group  of the Guardia di Finanza


  • Press preview  : Tour de Ski, Tesero, 7 January
  • Preview for  institutions : Coni Hall of Honor, Rome, 8 February, in the presence of Malagò and the authorities of the sports world
  • Semi finalist  at the Llanberis Adventure & Mountain Film Festival, a prestigious festival in Wales. March 5th
  • First screening for the  public : Trento, 15 March at 8.45 pm Cinema Vittoria

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