Zanzara and Labbradoro selected at the Trento Film Festival
Unexpected as well as pleasant surprise for our documentary on Roberto Bassi. We are pleased to announce that Zanzara and Labbradoro is competing at the Trento Film Festival. The documentary created and produced by Aurora Vision, biography of Roberto Bassi at the dawn of free climbing in the Sarca valley (With Manolo, Glowacz, Larcher and many other climbers), was selected from 451 films entered this year for the 63rd edition of the festival, in the Alp & Ism category.

MOSANZARA AND LABBRADORO, stories of hands and silences by Roberto Bassi. We are waiting for you:
Sunday 3 May at 3.15 pm at CINEMA MODENA 2, Viale San Francesco D’Assisi, 6, 38122 Trento
Wednesday 6 May at 9.30 pm at CINEMA MODENA 3, Viale San Francesco D’Assisi, 6, 38122 Trento

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