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Through deserts without borders between Mexico and the United States

Riding through the missions founded by a Jesuit in the 17th century, Maria, a young instructor from Rodeo, discovers the origins of the widespread devotion to Father Kino throughout Mexico. Her father, José Luis, and her uncles have been making pilgrimages on horseback for decades along the routes of the father of the desert. With them is ranchero writer Richard Collins from Arizona. Their friendship, in the name of Father Kino, overcomes even the degrading wall along the border.

During the rides, Maria learns about the missions founded by Father Kino as well as his geographical, astronomical and agricultural discoveries, his being the first to establish the ranch system, and that he was founder of the state of Arizona and a great apostle of the Tohono O’Odham, the PIME, the “people of the desert”. The journey is immersed in the colors of the Magdalena de Kino festival among hundreds and hundreds of “faithful on horseback”.

Maria also goes on an inner journey, which leads her to compare the harsh reality of the border regions. The life of the Tohono O’Odham is very difficult and the possibility of the extension of the wall, which would cut their lands in two, is looming. The trafficking of narcotics has changed the face of a hard but wonderful land. The tragedy of deportees and illegal immigrants, so many human lives being shattered, faces them each day. The shelters do superhuman work and are named after Father Kino: the Kino Border Initiative.

Maria and the other knights, following in Kino’s footsteps, tell us the story of the Jesuit who came from Val di Non. Although their contemporary world is full of contradictions and complexity, they draw inspiration from Father Kino to move forward with hope.

With the patronage of the Holy See – Dicastery for the service of integral human development

Produced by Aurora Vision with the collaboration of Trentino Film Commission, P. Eusebio F. Chini Cultural Association, Sant’Ignazio Foundation, Jesuits – Euromediterranean Province

  • US distribution: Indie Rights Movies
  • written and directed by: LIA BELTRAMI
  • producer: ANDREA MORGHEN
  • director of photography: DENIS MOROSIN
  • assistant director: MARIANNA BELTRAMI
  • assistant producer: OLHA VOZNA
  • general manager: ALBERTO CHINI
  • original soundtrack: ALBERTO BELTRAMI



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