The first ¡Viva Kino travelogue has arrived on YouTube! Tour, the road trip that led us to travel 5000 km between Mexico and the United States, to promote the story of Padre Kino shot in a place and context relevant today as never before. The shots of our logbook show the long journeys by car in the desert, the projections, the new friends and the friends found, and are accompanied by the original music of the film composed by our legendary Alberto Beltrami. The first episode is dedicated to the first stop of the tour, the one in Hollywood, where ¡Viva Kino!, Distributed by IndieRights Movies was screened for 7 days at the Cinelounge Arena. In addition to taking part in the premiere, we were able to be tourists and visit some iconic places in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to share the video and subscribe to our channel, where new episodes of our unforgettable road trip will soon arrive! The ¡Viva Kino! Tour awaits you soon, including Arizona saguari, parties and dancing!

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