On YouTube the second and third episode of ¡Viva Kino! Tour, our 5000 km road trip between the United States and Mexico to promote the story of Padre Kino. After an exciting visit to Hollywood, where the film (profile here) was screened for 7 days at the Cinelounge Arena, Lia, Alberto and Andrea ventured to Arizona, founded by Kino, where, more precisely in Tucson, the film was screened with our friends Carmen, Mark and Richard. Before reaching them, however, our team ventured between the saguaros and the prairies of Arizona at sunset.

The third episode of the tour is entirely dedicated to the Powwow of San Xavier del Bac, a mission founded by Father Kino. Powwows are annual gatherings of diverse native groups, born as a resistance to European cultural assimilation and as a celebration of the rich native heritage in North America (a short in-depth video here). A must, given the great commitment of Kino in defending the natives against the settlers. And also a food for thought, in celebrating a culture that has been so much attacked by colonial and discriminatory laws. Towards the end of the video, our travelers were also invited to participate in the dances, with results that you can judge by watching the video!

Here are some more images straight from the celebration:

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Stay tuned for the next few episodes, which will see the tour continue to Nogales, a city divided in two by the wall, Hermosillo, Magdalena de Kino, and again the United States, in Phoenix. Don’t forget to share and subscribe to our channel!

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