A new important award for the documentary film UKON THE SAMURAI: it won the AWARD FOR THE BEST BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY at the Star Doc Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The news of the important recognition for Ukon the samurai arrived in the morning. In explaining its goals, the Los Angeles Star Doc Film Festival reports: “We don’t pretend to solve problems. But if we know the problem, we need to highlight it. The world we live in is too fragile, like the crystal palace from a fairy tale. To preserve its beauty for future generations, we must also remember the negative events of the past to prevent their recurrence. We should also be able to notice the finer nuances of everyday life by sharing both concerns and emotions with others. This is the message of the Star Documentary Film Festival “.

For Aurora Vision and the whole team the reason for great pride to have received this new award which highlights the historical dimension and the biographical nature of the work. For Ukon the Samurai is the second US prize, to which is added recognition in Indonesia and nominations in Germany, Great Britain and Romania.
UKON THE SAMURAI http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5805482/fullcredits/ https://www.facebook.com/Ukon-il-Samurai-1480780085565705/

Synopsis • Synopsis
Takayama Ukon was a great 16th century samurai who converted to Christianity through the preaching of Francis Xavier. Ukon, after many hardships and dilemmas, leaves his Takatsuki castle and lives in Kanazawa where he becomes the great Tea Master. With the persecutions unleashed against Christians, he is denied death by the sword and is exiled to the Philippines. His inner journey between the sword and the cross is told by a young man in search who begins his journey from the Chambers of St. Ignatius in Rome. In addition to contemporary reflection, medieval Japan comes to life with original footage of tea ceremonies, kendo combat, calligraphy, unprecedented landscapes and Christian places. Young people are the first recipients of the film: young people on the move, in search, young people attracted by martial arts and Japan, young people who ask themselves questions. But not only that, the film is aimed at anyone who wants to deepen the East-West relationship, to those who want to know more about the mysterious world of the Rising Sun and to those who are attracted by beauty. Direction • Directed by Production • Production Producer • Producer Lia G. Beltrami Aurora Vision Andrea Morghen Director of photography • Cinematographer Music • Music Denis Morosin Alberto Beltrami Made with the support of Trentino Film Commission Embassy of Japan to the Holy See Jesuits Province of Italy ASI Trento – CONI Under the patronage of the Holy See – Pontifical Council for Culture Italian distribution Homevideo – San Paolo Edizioni TV2000

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