On the coasts of Ghana, land of ancient kingdoms and the route of the slave trade, we find the village of Anita’s ancestors.

Her journey to her homeland will lead her to encounter the colored threads of fraternity, a new hope for her people and for the world.

The encounter with an ancient culture, old and new slavery, education for all, women as a leader, access to health for all, healthy water and food, memories and hopes, the path of faith as the only possibility of true freedom. They are the threads that, intertwined, create the new design for a more just society.

Anita Evelyn Stokes Hayford was Ambassador of Ghana to Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Slovenia and Chairman of the Board of the World Food Program (WFP). During the years of her mission, she has promoted and supported numerous development projects in favor of the most disadvantaged areas of Africa, in particular for women and children.


On the journey back to the village of her ancestors, she meets the young Georgina Abram, who fights for a better future starting from a life with severe disabilities. The girl becomes a source of inspiration for Anita and for those who meet her. Georgina’s story is strongly intertwined with Dr. Father George Abram, a Franciscan from Trentino and leading expert on leprosy and ulcer of the buruli in Ghana for many years.

Anita and Dr. George visit some disadvantaged areas and the St. Francis school in Takoradi, a sign of hope for hundreds of children. And together they inaugurate the new Pavilion for Infectious Diseases, the first in Ghana, which is opened in Ankaful, thanks also to the Trentino solidarity.

An extraordinary journey through colors, art, sounds and smiles, solidarity and friendship.

  • written and directd by: LIA BELTRAMI
  • producer: ANDREA MORGHEN
  • director of photography: DENIS MOROSIN
  • editing: LIA & ALBERTO BELTRAM
  • assistant producer: LORENZO PERINI
  • press agent: OLHA VOZNA
  • graphic design: GIACOMO MARTINOLI
  • post production: DENIS MOROSIN
  • archive footage of Ashanti Ceremony: ARCHIVE ANNAMARIA PERINI
  • original soundtrack: ALBERTO and MARIANNA BELTRAMI


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