The “Women of Faith for Peace: Jerusalem” project started in 2010 thanks to two women: Lia Beltrami, Catholic director, and Hedva Goldschmidt, Jewish Orthodox film distributor. The goal of “Women of Faith for Peace” is to promote the role of women in supporting dialogue and all efforts to create and maintain peace in Israel. The women of different religions who participated, all important women in their religious milieu, became friends and started working together on issues such as reconciliation and dialogue. In March 2014, they met in Jerusalem for a very important event: “Dreams and Realities: Women of Faith for Peace”.

The film explores the motivations and dreams of these strong and courageous women.


  • Direction, Lia G. Beltrami
  • Production, Andrea Morghen
  • Photography, Emanuele Rainaldi
  • Second shooting unit, Niccol√≤ Mazzoleni
  • Soundtrack, Alberto Beltrami
  • Editing, Lia G. Beltrami and Andrea Morghen

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