About us

The world of media is going through a dark time. But it is the place from which millions of people form an opinion and change their conscience. AURORA is a vision: the vision of a space of light within media, culture, and art.

The world is full of projects which are positive, important, full of strength, and which often do not find a way to let themselves known. AURORA can give voice to these experiences, giving voice to the weakest, to those who have no voice. Voice, sound, image...
AURORA is a production centre for films, documentaries, TV formats, reportages, coexistence workshops, meetings, events, online communication, to fil the darkest corners with light. We want a perspective and a way to see and live media, communication, culture, and art, that starts from the dignity of every human and their openness to the transcendent.



Lia Beltrami

Founder, CEO, filmmakers, organiser, traveller of hope... She rarely wakes up in the same place in which she was the day before. A filmmaker since 1992, she loves to tell stories of heroes without capes. In 30 years she directed over 40 documentaries, wrote 5 books and won the Golden Lion for Peace for the project Women of Faith for Peace.

Alberto Beltrami

"I found myself with a guitar in my hands at 14 years old, and I still wonder when I will learn to actually play well". Our composer, but also filmmaker, editor, sound technician, co-drone pilot... For every film, Alberto always attempts to create a small story with a bunch of notes. With his music he tries to keep his feet grounded in the sky.

Marianna Beltrami

Marianna works as an assistant director and handywoman, alongside her studies at Oxford University. Her bag is always made up of pen, paper, maps and a small coffee machine.

Andrea Morghen

After 6 years and 30 productions, our producer hasn't yet lost the will to walk around the streets of the world to tell its beauty. With an adventurous spirit, initiative, and organisation, he allows our film crews to carry out difficult filming around the world.

Olha Vozna

Born in the Ukraine, but living in Trentino, Olha works for Aurora as production assistant and editor. She is the coordinator of Religion Today Film Festival. Besides being a crucial presence on set, Olha is a phenomenal singer who makes all our events unique!

Our team is big...

Other artists working with us:

  • Alessio Osele - DOP
  • Giacomo Martinoli - graphic design
  • Sabrina Santorum - editing, graphic design
  • Filippo Marzatico - DOP
  • Asaf Ud Daula - photographer