A documentary.

A journey around the world with Nina Davuluri, Miss America.

A social media campaign to create a debate on the enhancement of skin colour, fight the stigma, dismantle the imposed beauty standards, reorientating towards self-acceptance

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Our new project is more than a documentary on the phenomenon of colourism: it is a journey, a platform, a movement to give space to conversations and experiences to understand where beauty standards come from, and the effects they have on people’s lives. It all started with our encounter with Nina Davuluri. In 2014, Nina won the title of Miss America, entering a wave of discrimination based on skin colour.

The documentary

The documentary, filmed in India, Bangladesh and the US, presents Nina’s inner and outer journey in her place of origin. Nina talks about her life, the problems connected to skin colour in her family and her community, and the Miss America victory. Throughout her journey, she meets many young girls and boys who suffer from the same kind of skin colour-related discrimination. Many of the stories intertwine with an indiscriminate use of skin lightening chemical products, as well as socio-economic discrimination.

Complexion Nina Davuluri

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