In the slums of Calcutta, three girls manage to rescue themselves by pursuing their dreams.

“When the heart is hard and parched up, come upon me with a shower of mercy.
When grace is lost from life, come with a burst of song.
Come to me, my lord of silence, with thy peace and rest.” (R. Tagore)

This is Kolkata: it vibrates on Tagore’s verses, it walks Gandhi’s steps, it breathes the love of Mother Teresa. It’s right here where Bharati, Rahima and Sumita were born: under a bridge, along the train station, in the red light zone.  Their stories intertwine in the home of the Sisters of Providence, where dreams come true. Rahima became a flight stewardess. Sumita left her abusive husband. Unfortunately Bharati left us before the editing of the film was finished, leaving behind a son.


  • Directed by: Lia  Beltrami
  • Director of Photography: Ferran Paredes Rubio
  • Music: Alberto Beltrami
  • 2d camera: Andrea Morghen
  • Editor: Lia Beltrami
  • Graphics: Asaf Ud Daula
  • Produced by: Lia Beltrami and Andrea Morghen for Aurora Vision
  • With: Bharati, Rahima, Sumita



Participation (32):

2021 set Alvsbyn Film Festival    
2021 mag Cefalu’ Film Festival    
2021 mag Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival    
2021 mag Kalakari Film Festival    
2021 mag Nawada International Film Festival    
2021 apr Boden International Film Festival    
2021 apr Fescilmar – Session For The First Time Poland    
2021 apr London Shorts Film Festival    
2021 mar FocusDoc Indie Film Festival    
2021 mar Gona Films Award    
2021 mar Havelock International Film Festival    
2021 feb Reels International Film Festival India    
2021 gen Anatolia International Film Festival    
2021 gen Andromeda Film Festival    
2021 gen Best Documentary Award    
2021 gen Diglipur International Film Festival    
2021 gen EdiPlay International Film Festival    
2021 gen Golden Wheat Awards    
2021 gen Indo Singapore International Film Festiva    
2021 gen Madras Indipendent Film Festival    
2021 gen Mokkho International Film Festival    
2021 gen Niagara Falls International Short Festival    
2021 gen Onyko Film Awards    
2021 gen Paris International Short Festival    
2021 gen Ray International Film Festival    
2021 gen Sasee Film Awards    
2021 gen Sun Of The East Award    
2021 gen Uruvatti International Film Festival    
2020 dic KIFFI – Kaaryat International Film Festival of India    
2020 nov International Moving Film Festival    
2020 gen Stockholm City Film Festival    
2020 gen Tagore International Film Festival    



2021 mar, Gona Films Award (festival):
Special Jury Award Best Women’s Feature Film

2021 mar, Havelock International Film Festival (festival):
Best Documentary Short Film

2021 feb, Reels International Film Festival India (festival):
2nd Best Director of Photography (Ferran Paredes Rubio)

2021 gen, Andromeda Film Festival (festival):
Jury Special Selection

2021 gen, Diglipur International Film Festival (festival):
Best Short Film on Women Documentary

2021 gen, EdiPlay International Film Festival (festival):
Best Women Film

2021 gen, Indo Singapore International Film Festiva(festival):
Special Jury Award Best Film on Women Short Film

2021 gen, London Monthly Film Festival (concorso):
Best Documentary

2021 gen, Madras Indipendent Film Festival (festival):
Special Mention Best Documentary

2021 gen, Mokkho International Film Festival (festival):
Best Female Director (Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami)
Best Short Documentary
Special Mention Award Best Motivational

2021 gen, Onyko Film Awards (festival):
Best Documentary

2021 gen, Ray International Film Festival (festival):
Best Documentary Short Film

2021 gen, Sasee Film Awards (festival):
Best Documentary Short Film

2021 gen, Uruvatti International Film Festival (festival):
Best Film on Women

2020 gen, Tagore International Film Festival (festival):
Oustanding Achievement Award

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