“My name is Brian, I am 7 years old, and don’t be fooled: I look small, but one day I’ll become big, good and wise like Ezra and Father Francis. For now I sing, I run, I play with my friend Lisba, I go to school. My favourite subjects are math and religion. “

In Meru, near Mount Kenya, the Shalom Home welcomes 600 children and gives them education at the highest level. Brian is one of them and tells his story, from the death of his parents to AIDS to the journey to hope. Brian returns to the hut where he came from, and where many of the children come from. Others come from Akoromone, a shanty town whose head is the mother of Lisba, now dedicated to saving the little ones from desperate conditions. Other children arrive at Shalom Home from the village of the elderly. The ancient dances of the elders connect the roots to the future.

  • Directed by: LIA e MARIANNA BELTRAMI
  • producer: ANDREA MORGHEN
  • director of photography: ALESSIO OSELE
  • location manager: STEVE “BUSHMAN” KURYA
  • editing: LIA BELTRAMI
  • original soundtrack: ALBERTO BELTRAMI


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