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A documentary, a social campaign, a journey through the shades of skin colour and to the various continents to capture the difficulties and the challenges.

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We are Aurora Vision

Film, TV, events: bringing change through great stories

Festival e Premi

190 Festival | 47 Premi

Amazonia La Loma Santa

Best International Film with a Female Director, Portoviejo Film Festival 2020

Tears & Dreams

Best Documentary, My True Story Film Festival 2020


Special Jury Mention, My Film Project- Quarantine Film Challenge 2020 Calcutta INDIA

Look Beyond

Finalist, Nice Côte d’Azur International FICTS Festival du Cinéma Sportif 2020

Wells of Hope

Best Director, The Indie for You Film Festival 2020

Viva Kino!

Indie Doc Pro USA 2020

Look Beyond

“World FICTS Challenge” Campionato Mondiale della Televisione 2020

Wells of Hope

Best Documentary, Brazil 2020, Rio Independent Film Festival

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¡Viva Kino!


Look Beyond




Videos for companies, organizations, and NGOs.

We don’t have borders, we work all around the world

Who we are and what we do


We make documentaries to tell real and important stories of courage

Video production

We organize events on dialogue, peacebuilding, presentation of books; we promote art and good news.

Meetings and events

Planning, logistics and technical support for reportages and live-streaming.

TV formats

We curate the making of TV formats, web series and reportages, with a strong emphasis on the positive and on hope.