The world of communication is going through dark times. And yet it is here that millions of people form an opinion and change their conscience. AURORA is a vision, the vision of a space of light in the world of media, culture, and art.

There are thousands of positive, important, strength-filled projects that cannot find a way to be known. AURORA can give a voice to these experiences, to the weakest and the voiceless. Voice, sound, and image…

AURORA is a centre of film production, documentaries, TV formats, reportages, coexistence laboratories, meetings, exchanges, idea workshops, online communication, to fill with light the darkest corners.

We want a perspective and a way of seeing the world of media, communication, culture, and art, starting from the dignity of each human being and their openness to the transcendent.

Aurora Vision

Visions for a new communication

Festival e Premi

260 Festival | 75 Premi

Tears and Dreams

Best Documentary, Festival del Cinema di Salerno 2021

Tears & Dreams

Best Documentary, My True Story Film Festival 2020

Wells of Hope

Best Documentary Short Film, Iconic Images 2021

Look Beyond

Finalist, Nice Côte d’Azur International FICTS Festival du Cinéma Sportif 2020

Wells of Hope

Best Director, The Indie for You Film Festival 2020

A Burst of Song

Reels International Film Festival 2021

Look Beyond

“World FICTS Challenge” Campionato Mondiale della Televisione 2020

Wells of Hope

Best Documentary, Brazil 2020, Rio Independent Film Festival

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Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami

Founder, CEO, filmmaker, organizer, traveller of hope… She rarely wakes up in the same place where she was the day before. A film director since 1991, she loves to tell stories of heroes without capes. In 30 years she has made over 48 documentaries, written 6 books and won the Golden Lion for Peace, for the project Women of Faith for Peace.

Andrea Morghen

After 6 years and 30 productions, our producer hasn’t yet lost the passion to walk along the world’s paths to tell its beauty. With a great sense of adventure, initiative, and organization, he allows our film crews to carry out difficult filming all around the world.

Sebastiano Rossitto

Assistant director and director of photography, born in Belgium and raised in Rome, Seba started very young. He trained as a filmmaker and works for the major television production companies and the main Italian networks. In 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Central America he discovers profound cultures that shape his photographic style and influence his artistic sensibility.

Alberto Beltrami

“I found myself with a guitar in my hand when I was 14, and still I ask myself when I will truly learn how to play”. Musician as well as film director, editor, sound technician, drone helper… For every film, Alberto tries to create a small story with a bunch of notes. With music, he tries to keep his feet firmly in the sky.

Marianna Beltrami

Coming from a family of travelling women, Marianna complements her work as assistant director and all-rounder for Aurora with her studies in Oxford to save the planet. Her bag is always made of pens, paper, maps, and her small coffee machine.

Cooperate with us:

Gino Sgreva – Director of Photography

Simona Paggi – Editing

Giacomo Martinoli – Graphics

Sabrina Santorum – Editing, Graphics

Filippo Marzatico – Director of Photography

Davide Verrengia – Project manager

Mohammad Hodroj – Editing

Asaf Ud Daula – Photography