A documentary.

A journey around the world with Nina Davuluri, Miss America.

A social media campaign to create a debate on the enhancement of skin colour, fight the stigma, dismantle the imposed beauty standards, reorientating towards self-acceptance

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Our new project is more than a documentary on the phenomenon of colourism: it is a journey, a platform, a movement to give space to conversations and experiences to understand where beauty standards come from, and the effects they have on people’s lives. It all started with our encounter with Nina Davuluri. In 2014, Nina won the title of Miss America, entering a wave of discrimination based on skin colour.

The documentary

COMPLEXion is an eye-opening and revolutionary documentary that addresses toxic beauty standards through compelling human stories beginning in South Asia. The vision is simple: to dismantle archaic beliefs and provoke global human acceptance; regardless the color of your skin.
COMPLEXion unpacks:
• the effects of the skin lightening industry;
• intergenerational conversations and biases;
• the ways in which communities, regardless of socio-economic status can work together to openly speak against unfair standards;
• the role of social media and ways we can reconfigure perceptions vs. realities

Through the voice and personal journey of Nina Davuluri, an acclaimed activist, actor, entrepreneur and first Indian American and South Asian to become Miss America, COMPLEXion was the catalyst for a movement, forging a new path for realistic and necessary conversations regarding colorism within her own community. We will meet women and men, schoolkids, grandparents, young men from India & Bangladesh – many people with similar vulnerabilities and personal stories of inequalities. Why do beauty standards exist? What is the socioeconomic impact of skin lightening creams? Why does colorism exist? Is colorism inherently racism?
COMPLEXion forces us to be better, dig deeper and answer the question, WHY? The time is NOW!

Complexion Nina Davuluri

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