A trip to festivals around the world for our film Alganesh, which has won five new awards. Our documentary Alganesh is truly traveling the world and touching hearts. After a series of stages and awards in various Italian film festivals, including the Siloe Film Festival (Special Jury Mention) and the Taurasi Film Festival (Silver Taurasi for Best Cinematography), the film, which tells the experience of refugees Eritreans in the Ethiopian refugee camps through the eyes of Dr. Alganesh Fessah, reached Asia and South America. Two stops in India: in Mumbai, with the honorable mention of the jury, and at the New Delhi Film Festival, where we received the third prize for the best documentary, with our fantastic Alganesh in person to receive the award. Then let’s go to the other side of the world, in Chile, to the Festival de Cine Social y Derechos Humanos (Cineotro). A festival with a social and important message, which honored us with the special “Juana Cuadrado” migration award. A real adventure in China, in Xi’an, where Lia and Andrea saw the images of Alganesh projected in an evening that saw Jackie Chan and Nicholas Meyer present. It was at the Xi’an Silk Road International Film Festival that the film received the Honorary Media Award. And then stops in Mexico, Thailand, Canada, Turkey, until returning to Italy, at the Salerno International Film Festival, with a plaque dedicated to the film. Also in Italy, an exciting screening in the Vatican at the Tertio Millennio Film Festival and at the MyArt Film Festival in Cosenza. Out of the boot again, for festivals in Russia and Iran earlier this month. More and more international next steps: Morocco, Bangladesh, Monaco await us. A year of travel that of Alganesh, unstoppable just like its namesake protagonist. And 2019 still holds many surprises for a documentary that ranks fifth in Italy in the relationship between film festival and awards won. An encouragement to continue to communicate the dramatic Eritrean reality with more urgency and insistence.

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