About us

The world of media is going through a dark time. But it is the place from which millions of people form an opinion and change their conscience. AURORA is a vision: the vision of a space of light in the world of media, culture, and art.

The world is full of projects which are positive, important, full of strength, and which often do not find a way to let themselves known. AURORA can give voice to these experiences, giving voice to the weakest, to those who have no voice. Voice, sound, image...
AURORA is a tool to spread the good news, fast, urgent, present, like Mary Magdalene running to the disciples.
The art of communication, high quality, serve the evangelic message, to touch many hearts and bringing new lights in the fog. And we work together with women and men from all religions, who share the main values, respecting differences.
Many projects to carry out: documentaries, TV programmes, reportages, coexistence workshops, meetings, events...

From 2018, we open up to a new, important path: environmental safeguard, which will be included in every new production and as a style of work: Aurora Vision Ecolifestyle.


AURORAin its two sectors, Aurora Vision and Aurora Network, was born from the encounter between Lia G.Beltrami and the community of Nuovi Orizzonti, founded by Chiara Amirante. From here, a great team started: many contacts all over the world, a new and exciting path to awaken the dawn.

Aurora Network

AURORA NETWORK is a network of women and men all around the world, committed to pursue the values of dialogue, life, reconciliation and peacemaking. We want to give voice to the voiceless, spread hope and good news, create contacts between people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, to divulgate the fundamental message shared by all, the secret for happiness: the need to love and being loved.


ECOLIFESTYLE is our new commitment in the promotion of a culture of environmental safeguard. The attention to the environment in our films and events includes eco-friendly choices, avoiding fanaticism, and bound the the adaptation of situations and the respect of those hosting us.

Here are our commitments:

  • The production of our future documentaries is bound to the reduction of movements, with compensation of our carbon footprint by supporting reforestation projects.
  • We support the sowing of flowers to favour bee activity.
  • Water on set is from the tap, and the usage of plastic is reduced to the minimum.
  • We avoid to print post on paper, we reduce the number of posters and other printed material, creating rollups for every film which can be used every time.
  • We reduce heating in our offices.
  • Ecolifestyle also means respecting cultural identities and valorising minorities.

Aurora Vision

AURORA VISION is a production centre for films, documentaries, TV formats, reportages, coexistence workshops, meetings, events, online communication, to fil the darkest corners with light. We want a perspective and a way to see and live media, communication, culture, and art, that starts from the dignity of every human and their openness to the transcendent.


In our new Ecolifestyleproject, we walk together with companies that support the spirit of our vision, and the tireless path towards the diffusion of positive values: AKU, high quality mountain shoes, with their lifelong commitment to the limitation of environmental impact in they industrial organisation and the maximum transparency on the origin of the product.

The sports team clothing brand, SicleriSki Center Latemar Pampeago, and Relais Piazza Signoria in Florence. These sponsors have been present in our Tour ¡Viva Kino! in the USA and Mexico, with 13 screenings in Hollywood, Tucson, Nogales, Phoenix, Magdalena, Hermosillo, and the Grand Canyon.